Our commitment to solving our clients’ problems is rooted in our understanding of architectural style and knowledge of contemporary building trends. At Robert Flubacker Ltd., we expertly guide our clients through the process of designing and constructing their signature project.




Home remodeling can be a complicated and overwhelming process filled with a myriad of challenges. We provide our clients with a systematic approach to design and construction that minimizes stress and assures a high quality product. We blend the existing structure’s underutilized space with stylistically appropriate additions and renovations to meet the needs of contemporary living. This focus on visual enhancement results in personalized and signature projects.


We specialize in light commercial projects that provide unique solutions to a variety of problems. Our experience embodies both new and renovated buildings for an array of commercial uses. Whether the design calls for an office space, automobile dealership, animal hospital, or municipal building, the solution is derived from a thoughtful analysis of each particular situation. We provide assistance with design, municipal approval, competitive bidding, and construction administration to steer our clients through the complicated process of designing and building.


When it comes to custom single family homes, we guide our clients through the process of conceptualizing a design through to the completion of a distinctive home. By assessing the project site, reviewing local codes, and developing a client wishlist, we develop thorough and complete construction documents. We are there every step of the way to assist and support our clients as they make their dream home a reality.

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After our first meeting with Bob, we both looked at each other and knew he would be the perfect fit for our project. His design sense is so clean and contemporary, and he is wonderful about educating his clients throughout the process. We would recommend Bob in a heartbeat.

We love that Bob understands old houses and is committed to building upon and embellishing existing architecture. He does his research to make sure his projects fit into the neighborhood. He listens and asks questions throughout the process and was understanding of our needs as a family.

Bob was the first architect we talked to, and we loved what he brought to the table. He gave us several plans to choose from and had a dialogue back and forth with a focus on ultimately doing what we wanted. Bob’s attention to detail and creativity resulted in something very special coming together for our home remodel. We loved that he was fully involved with the project from the first meeting through well after the completion of the job.

Robert Flubacker Architects

To provide the highest quality design of any firm in our market segment, RFA creates designs that are integrated and cohesive to create a project that is rich in character while meeting the needs of the client. These designs translate to high quality, complete, and accurate construction documents. In order to provide the highest value and most comprehensive customer service to clients, we provide resources to clients during the design development phase and contractor selection and assist throughout the construction process.

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